The Mall of Sound0

The Mall of Sound

17 Jun 2014 – Saturday June 28th we'll play at The Mall of Sound.
Line-up is great and it's for free, so come by!



29 Dec 2013 – The first months of 2014 we will play some shows. At the very special Grasnapolsky festival for example.
We will be playing in the same line-up as before, but with quite adifferent approach. Stay tuned for more info and dates!

Live videos2

Live videos

19 Dec 2013 – September 29th we finished our tour in Ekko, Utrecht.
Mcklin and Lise Straatsma were kind enough to film us, Thomas Koopmans pressed the record-button, Jacob van de Water mixed and edited the recordings and Martine van der Wal designed lovely letters.
Watch Clooney, Ticking and Hole in the Ground LIVE!

Hole in the Ground3

Hole in the Ground

17 Sep 2013 – We shot a video, starring Wim van den Heuvel, for Hole in the Ground.
The video can be seen here, or above.

Jongerius Live4

Jongerius Live

11 Jun 2013 – This Sunday we'll play an intimate show in a very special place called Villa Jongerius.
Soprano Bernadeta Astari will be playing as well.
And on top of that we'll also play some tunes together.
Get your tickets here.

We entered the album charts5

We entered the album charts

27 Apr 2013 – Today we found our album on a number 53 position in the Dutch album charts. Thank you to everyone who bought our album.

Record Store Day6

Record Store Day

14 Apr 2013 – This Saturday it's Record Store Day.
We'll be playing in several stores that day.
We will also be fighting a battle with Orlando.
Curious? Check out to find out where we'll be playing and what this battle is about.

Luther's Live III7

Luther's Live III

03 Apr 2013 – After our February clubtour, we'll hit the stage again this month.
More dates to be anounced soon, but first in a row is April 22nd, Luther's Live @ Het Compagnietheter, Amsterdam, with the amazing Avant La Lettre.
Be welcome!

Luxor Live show postponed8

Luxor Live show postponed

22 Feb 2013 – Our show at Luxor Live, Arnhem, has been postponed one day.
So we won't play there on Wednesday February 27th, but we'll rock the house on Thursday February 28th.



19 Feb 2013 – We kicked off our clubtour in Rotterdam. Thanks to everyone who was there.
Next stops are Paradiso, Amsterdam and Luxor Live, Arnhem. We would love to see you there.
In the meantime we'll be playing live on the radio, like we did last friday on Amsterdam FM and tomorrow on Radio Mortale.
And this saturday we'll play an instore gig in Concerto, Amsterdam, at 4 pm.
More news soon!

Album release party10

Album release party

18 Jan 2013 – We released our album on Thursday 17 January 2013. McKlin took very nice pictures of us during our concert in Tivoli Spiegelbar.

Dutch reviews of our record11

Dutch reviews of our record

17 Jan 2013 – Our record has been on sale for a week now. There have been some good reviews already. Most of them in Dutch.

KindaMuzik says we sound like a contemporary Talking Heads. Jimmy Alter thinks we sound rather arty. Mousique likes our lyrics and knows some other reference bands. Musicfrom thinks we're a nice "indiepopbrei". Subjectivisten likes our album. They say it's Pleasant.

There's one review in English as well. Groove Loves Melody has some clever things to say about the meaning of our songs.

Live recording Radio 212

Live recording Radio 2

14 Jan 2013 – Listen to the recording of Man, Alibi and Blankets, live at Tros Muziekcafe (De Vorstin, Hilversum).

Our first Try-out13

Our first Try-out

30 Dec 2012 – We played our first try-out on 30 December. There's a Dutch review of the show and our record. There are also some pictures taken by Rob Feber. We had fun under the new years bow.


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